• Meet Breviarium Meum

    Meet Breviarium Meum

    The breviary you'll never leave behind

    With Breviarium Meum on your iPhone, you'll never be caught without a traditional Latin breviary (1960 rubrics). You won't have to flip back and forth through a book because the App puts all the texts in order for you. If you aren't sure what the Latin means, just check the English translation. Discover a new way to pray the breviary, or discover the breviary for the first time.

  • Breviarium Meum HD

    Breviarium Meum HD

    Reformatted for the iPad

    Breviarium Meum HD, the special iPad version of the app, takes advantage of the iPad's larger display, which is ideal for viewing Latin and English side-by-side. Another notable feature is the forward and back buttons that allow you to quickly return to the hour or prayer you were just viewing.

  • Supporting Summorum Pontificum

    Supporting Summorum Pontificum

    Supporting the “reform of the reform”

    This application makes it easier to begin using the traditional breviary. With it, priests, religious, and laity can rediscover the riches of the Church's liturgical tradition, and experience the “mutual enrichment” Pope Benedict XVI hopes Summorum Pontificum will produce.

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